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Employment disputes tend to be highly emotional. I use my more than 25 years of experience to seek the best outcome based on the facts and the law.

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Securing Justice For Mistreated Employees

Employment law involves disputes that affect our very foundation — our livelihood. Often the parties involved in a dispute know each other well and emotions can run high. I am Ellen Mendelson, and my legal practice is focused on assisting my clients through employment-related disputes in a compassionate, respectful manner.

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I am an employment law attorney who represents State, Federal, and Municipal government employees, as well as private employees, in a wide range of employment matters. My areas of practice include:

  • Administrative appeals for license discipline and denial hearings in Accusations and Statements of Issues served by California licensing agencies
  • Disputes over wrongful termination, discharge, layoffs, severance agreements and workplace discipline
  • Issues related to retirement, disability and pensions
  • Defense of professional licenses before administrative licensing agencies
  • Workplace discrimination, retaliation and harassment claims
  • Respond to and defend against Notice of Removal, Notice of Intent to Terminate, and other discipline by governmental agencies and employers

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Are you an employee who is being unfairly treated or disciplined? I can analyze your situation and explain your options.

Are you a State, Federal or Municipal employee who is being disciplined for your job performance? I can represent you at your Skelly hearing.

Are you a bus driver, clerk, or library employee who has suffered a non-work related injury? Contact me to discuss the possibility of disability retirement.

Are you a county social worker involved in an employment dispute? I can advocate to help you keep your position or negotiate a fair severance agreement.

Please contact me by email or call 415-585-0815 if you are an employee who needs legal advice in an employment matter.

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