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Employment disputes tend to be highly emotional. I use my more than 25 years of experience to seek the best outcome based on the facts and the law.

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Securing Justice For Mistreated Employees

Employment law involves disputes that affect our very foundation — our livelihood. Often the parties involved in a dispute know each other well and emotions can run high. I am Ellen Mendelson, and my legal practice is focused on assisting my clients through employment-related disputes in a compassionate, respectful manner.

Have A Question About California Employment Law? I Can Help.

I am an employment law attorney who represents State, Federal, and Municipal government employees, as well as private employees, in a wide range of employment matters. My areas of practice include:

  • Administrative appeals for license discipline and denial hearings in Accusations and Statements of Issues served by California licensing agencies
  • Disputes over wrongful termination, discharge, layoffs, severance agreements and workplace discipline
  • Issues related to retirement, disability and pensions
  • Defense of professional licenses before administrative licensing agencies
  • Workplace discrimination, retaliation and harassment claims
  • Respond to and defend against Notice of Removal, Notice of Intent to Terminate, and other discipline by governmental agencies and employers

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Are you an employee who is being unfairly treated or disciplined? I can analyze your situation and explain your options.

Are you a State, Federal or Municipal employee who is being disciplined for your job performance? I can represent you at your Skelly hearing.

Are you a bus driver, clerk, or library employee who has suffered a non-work related injury? Contact me to discuss the possibility of disability retirement.

Are you a county social worker involved in an employment dispute? I can advocate to help you keep your position or negotiate a fair severance agreement.

What rights do public employees have when their employer proposes discipline?

What disabilities support an application for disability retirement?

Please contact me by email or call 415-585-0815 if you are an employee who needs legal advice in an employment matter.

Practice Areas

Experience In Many Areas Of Employment Law

Employment issues affect almost every area of our lives. From treatment by arbitrary managers to dealing with employees who need accommodation, to Union representation and due process rights of public employees. What should an employee do when a disability effects the ability to perform your duties, and how do you seek accommodation for your disability? I am able to help you navigate these issues.

I also work in the administrative sector, representing licensees in administrative hearings with licensing agencies such as the Board of Registered Nursing, the Contractor’s State Licensing Board, the Chiropractic Board, the Department of Consumer Affairs, Structural Pest Control Board, and other licensing agencies.

I also work with State, Municipal and Federal employees to respond to Notices of Intent to Discipline or Discharge, or Notices of Removal or Intent to Terminate.

The Law Office of Ellen A. Mendelson is located in San Francisco, and I handle employment-related disputes throughout California. My areas of legal practice include:

  • Issues related to workplace discipline, layoffs, severance agreements, wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation and harassment
  • Pension, retirement and disability disputes
  • Representation of licensed professionals before administrative agencies
  • Protecting employees from sexual harassment and workplace discrimination
  • Representation of licensees for license application hearings or statements of issues or license accusations before the Department of Consumer Affairs and California licensing boards.

Effective and Efficient Representation For California Employees

Whatever your employment dispute involves, I can help you understand your rights and options every step of the way. Please contact my office via email or phone to explain your situation. I understand that job-related issues can be highly emotional, and I can assess your case from a legal perspective and help you develop a clear strategy for minimizing conflict and resolving the matter effectively and efficiently.

What Clients Say

AVVO Review

Look No Further For An Advocate For The Little Guy.

Posted by: Shawn, an Employment client, February 2011.

Overall rating: Excellent
Trustworthy: Excellent
Responsive: Excellent
Knowledgeable: Excellent
Kept me informed: Excellent
  • I recommend Ellen Mendelson.
  • I used Ellen’s services 1-6 months ago.
  • Ellen handled my Employment / Labor matter.
  • I have previously worked with more than 10 lawyers.

Client Review:

“Attorney. Ellen Mendelson, Is definitely one of the best decision i have ever made. She’s professional, Knowledgeable, honest, dependable, and she will truly treat you with dignity & respect no matter what kind of situation/problem you’re into. Ellen, will give you 100% undivided full attention and will take her time to analyze your case and continuously communicate the progress of your situation. Ellen, will work hard to achieve the best possible outcome of your case and will give the best legal advice. Ellen, My Family couldn’t be more happier to the legal service you provided it was the best.You’re one excellent Lawyer. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Thank you! Thank you!”

—Tony D.

“I needed representation for the disability pension hearing for the CCSF. Ellen was not only an expert attorney but had lots of experience of working with the different individuals involved in the process. She was right on point. She is personable, professional, calm, knowable and realistic. She does not make any promises but ensured you are taking the best steps to win the case. There are lots of attorneys in the Bay Area. However Ellen is definitely the most experienced and knowable dealing with county and city government. I would definitely hired her again.”

—Mario P.

“I truly appreciate being represented by Ellen Mendelson Esq. Her attention to detail and thoroughness is outstanding!”

—Doug S.

“I highly recommend Ellen Mendelson as an attorney for anyone in need at his/her complex legal issues. My situation was very complicated; I needed an attorney to assist me to resolve my issue. I was introduced to attorney Ellen Mendelson which was the best turning point in my life. Ms. Mendelson vigorously defended my case and we won!!! She is the best advocate for her clients. She is professional, realistic, optimistic, knowledgeable, experienced, and calm. She never gave up; she defended my case until we won!! She was right on point.

“The fees were reasonable and she discussed the fee upfront. I HIGHLY recommend Ellen Mendelson for complex legal issue for educational needs. I would definitely hire her again. I cannot thank her enough. Words cannot describe how miracle attorney Ellen Mendelson is.”

—S. Gina

“I highly recommend Ellen Mendelson.

“Not only is she the only attorney I have ever met that ever beat her reasonable estimate on legal cost. She also answers your call live, or calls you back in less than 4 hours. Ellen is both responsive and tenacious. She successfully defended me on a complex employment issue, winning me a successful dismissal of charges and allegations, which vindicated me.

“Ellen looks out for your personal rights and freedoms, as if you were her family. She is an expert in employment law and individual rights, and will vigorously defend your rights. If you are looking for an employment attorney representing you, look no further.”

— Shawn

“Ellen Mendelson saved my life. I was entangled with a very difficult legal issue concerning my status in a professional partnership. When I went to see her, I was distressed and was not sure how to proceed. She was not only very professional but was extremely friendly and sympathetic. She listened to my report of the case, analyzed my situation, did research to look for the outcome of other similar cases and very quickly came up with a solution. She then wrote a very strong and clear letter stating the favorable outcome of similar previous cases that had been reported. That letter helped resolve the issue right away. She was able to rapidly solve a very difficult case, smoothly, and for a very reasonable fee. I think she is fantastic and I owe her a lot.”

— Vern

“Thank you for your recent and continuing Participation in KALW’s “Your Legal Rights.” As you know, the Bar Association of San Francisco sponsors this show because of its public service focus. Without the commitment of attorneys such as yourself, this program would not be possible and many Bay Area residents would simply not have direct access to sound legal advice.

“We appreciate your valuable assistance to the Bar Association’s public service programs and look forward to providing you with more referrals in the future.”

— Carolyn

“Thank you for referring attorney Ellen Mendelson. She brought our case to a very successful conclusion and was extremely professional throughout the entire matter. She kept us informed of every detail making sure that we completely understood the legal process. She also guided us through the difficult process of making decisions about the handling and direction of our case. It was a pleasure working with Ellen and we will do so again should we need to retain counsel.”

— Nancy

“Ellen Mendelson Esq. is the first attorney that I required the services of. She was very professional, but at the same time personable. In my time of great need, I found that this first experience of mine with the legal process was both positive and hopeful.

“My company has been a client of Law Office of Ellen Mendelson, PC since early in 2002.

“Not only has Ms. Mendelson been a strong advocate for our needs as a client, she has consistently been very specific in regards to the letter, and the spirit, of the law.”

— Ayeeye (online post)

“Ms. Mendelson has been my attorney for over 22 months on a very contentious employment related matter. She has gone beyond the call the of duty on my case, working extreme hours and fighting for me beyond what I have paid her.”

— M. Browne

Attorney Profile

I have more than 25 years of experience representing local, state, and federal employees, as well as private employees throughout California, including the San Francisco Bay area and Sacramento. I welcome the opportunity to help you, too.

In all of my cases, my goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for you based on the facts, circumstances, available options, and law as it relates to your situation.

I have appeared before the state Office of Administrative Hearings, the Merit System Protection board (MSPB), the California Public Employee Relations Board, and administrative boards for public and private retirement systems. I have litigated cases through the trial process in state and federal courts.

I am also a referral attorney for the San Francisco Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service.


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